Winter ready – quick wins for a cosier home and lower energy bills

Retrofit can be expensive but there are lots of low and no cost measures to make our homes warmer, save money on energy bills and reduce our carbon emissions.

Paul Sheridan, Senior Home Energy Specialist at Severn Wye Energy Agency, joined us to help us understand where we’re wasting energy and how to save it! Here are a few of the suggestions he made:

  • Make sure you understand your energy bill, have accurate readings, and are on the best tariff for you. Ask your energy supplier to install a smart meter (free of charge)
  • Make sure you understand your heating controls
  • Condensing gas boilers operate most efficiently with a flow temperature around 55-60 degrees
  • Behaviour change really helps; lots of small changes can add up to a big change in your energy usage. You can find 101 tips for an energy efficient lifestyle by clicking here

Low-cost measures to consider include:

  • Draughtproofing doors and windows with foam strips
  • Increasing your loft insulation (recommended depth 300mm) 
  • Cavity wall insulation
  • Draughtproofing below or above floorboards if you have a suspended timber floor
  • Fitting LED lighting throughout your home

To learn more about ways you can stay warmer this winter for less, watch the recording of our webinar.