Green Doors – Herefordshire information

Your privacy and GDPR

We shall make available only essential information so that visitors can find your home. Your email and phone number remain confidential and will not be published, we are storing them solely for the purposes of the Green Doors event and will not share them with anyone without your consent, in line with our rigorous GDPR policy. So by consenting to the listing of your home (see below) you are consenting to the temporary publication of your address. 

Your Green Open Home will be listed on the website and promoted locally using a range of media. After the event your property will remain on the website as a case study unless you request otherwise.

Pack of materials

A pack will come out to you by post shortly before the event, containing copies of your property details to distribute on the day, a couple of posters for you to put in a window or prominent position and some balloons to help visitors find you, some marketing posters that can be put up nearby, leaflets that may be of interest to visitors and sign-in sheets. We’d really like to collect the number of visitors and their contact details so that we can share more useful information about how to make their homes more energy efficient.

Insurance/ H&S

Visitors are coming to look around your property and have a quick chat, so there’s little that can go wrong, but of course one has to take precautions. HGN’s public liability insurance may not fully not cover this event as it is held in private homes outside of our control. You may wish to check your home insurance and notify your insurer that you are having visitors.

Please could we ask you to take sensible precautions to protect visitors, yourselves and your property. The advice from the national Green Open Homes organisation is to  remove all trip hazards, make your property as safe as possible, warn visitors (and us) of any hazards they/we should be aware of (such as steep, uneven stairs) and we will publicise that on the website so visitors are forewarned, and remove valuables from rooms that may be accessed. 


HGN and Future Ready Homes are doing county-wide and Marches wide marketing but it would be really helpful if you could do some local awareness raising, be that sending a press release to your local paper and parish magazine, putting a poster up in your local shop, or putting something on your social media.

On the day

We suggest the best way to manage visitors to your home is to offer ‘tours’ at set times on your opening day/s to manage the flow of people and parking. The ‘tour’ needn’t be of the whole house, perhaps just 2 or 3 rooms — whatever you feel comfortable with. 

It’s possible several visitors will arrive for each tour (we recommend you don’t allow in more than eight at a time) so it’s best not to try to ‘staff’ the day as a one-person exercise. We strongly recommend enrolling a helper if need be. 

Please ask your visitors to sign in, comment, and leave their email address using the sign-in sheet we’ll provide.

The event is of course to encourage people to think about (and hopefully start) their own retrofit projects so please encourage visitors to take the leaflets we’ll provide particularly the one about Future Ready Homes — it’s our project across the Marches intended to advise and inform people about retrofit.

Green Open Homes have provided a guide which you may find useful: